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Wow. Tumblr is going to be the death of me. Thank the FSM that I got all my grades submitted before the OUAT season ender! LOL!

(Not that I don't have some of the most irritating students ever complaining about their grades... sigh. You *missed the final exam* dude. And didn't contact me about it until TWO DAYS LATER. No. I am not sympathetic to your cause. Idiot.)

The angst. The hair rending. The tearing of garments. The overdone aca-fan analysis. The weird comparisons. (Xena/Gabrielle = Regina/Emma? I have no memory of Xena trying to kill Gabrielle...? Or saying mean things to her episode after episode? Perhaps I need to re-watch?)

And of course the cheers and the happy dances and the triumphant hand signs being thrown from the happy het canon shippers.

Anyway. Awwe-some!

I've even learned how we go after a dude breaking up a non-canon f/f. He's a rapist. Or an embodiment of rape culture. (A distinction without much difference?) Which, hmmm. I think I would have preferred evil bitch. Or stupid bitch. Or even castrating bitch. Though that last is my least favorite of those three.

I like Nestra's rule. (Rule? Preference? Guideline) Just ignore the inconvenient canon het interest. That's certainly the most common solution in Eureka (still the home of my current OTP!) Jack/Nathan shippers. Allison? Allison who? Who is this Allison of whom you speak? No. no. *headshake* I'm quite sure I've never heard of anyone named Allison....You must be mistaken. Or, oh yes, lovely, but ultimately - there was nothing there. Mutual decision to just be friends. Often after Allison helps the boys get it on.

I might even read that fic. The one where Hook realizes that Emma will never respond to him the way she does to Regina, and manfully steps back after midwifing their true love. I mean. OOC up the wazoo, but, I'd read it anyway!
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