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Does anyone on my (sadly very short!) flist know anyone who is into the syfy show Eureka? Even just casaully?

I'm working on another story (yes - Eureka ate my brain), and I'm a bit stuck on working on the 'science' of the B plot and I'd love someone familiar with the show (like, at all. Do you remember tha odd episode you caught while surfing for something else?) to bat some ideas around with.

Anyone? Bueller?

Date: 2013-05-11 05:51 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Alas, no, but you know me -- I'll ready almost anything.

Date: 2013-05-12 12:03 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I need some sort of science - or 'science' project that goes awry and requires underwater rescue, preferably with scuba gear. This one is set in Eureka, so is more Eureka focused than the previous ones....

The author of the scheme gone sideways is a 17 yo genuis and his life long buddies. Also smart geeky types.

In my latest I'm actually trying a 'b' plot, to interact with the 'a' plot, and so I want the rescue - which means I need the problem. Working backwards here! lol!

Date: 2013-05-12 12:33 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Think Jacques Cousteau, maybe a variation on the self- contained underwater vehicle. Goes forward into something, but can't back out, or turn around...

Date: 2013-05-12 01:02 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Yes - that's good, something takes him down, gets stuck ..... Steve McGarrett, former navy SEAL will of course be leading the rescue. Seriously. What good is having a SEAL if you can have an underwater rescue? LOL!

Date: 2013-05-12 06:44 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
"What good is having a SEAL if you can have an underwater rescue?"

Sounds very eco-friendly -- use what you have.

Date: 2013-05-11 11:19 pm (UTC)
meredith44: Can't talk, I'm reading (LFN close up Nikita)
From: [personal profile] meredith44
I've seen every episode, but sadly I'm not great with remembering details. I can try to help if you want? If you still need it?

Date: 2013-05-11 11:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I'd love help! YAY! (Does this mean you liked it? I only started - and finished - watching it this winter, when I mainlined the whole seris in about four weeks. Naturally enough, I fell hard for Jo. ;-) Which means, therefore, I also like Zane - because he thinks Jo is awesome.

I don't need specific details from any episode (which is on netflix anyway, if I decided I did) but rather, some sort of science project that a sr. high school aged Kevin embarks on that will require underwater rescue. Preferably deep enough to require full scuba gear in Lake Archimedes.

Any ideas come to mind?

Date: 2013-05-12 12:48 am (UTC)
meredith44: Can't talk, I'm reading (science witchcraft from obsessiveicons)
From: [personal profile] meredith44
So, I had a huge comment. Huge. With lots of links and stuff. But I dropped my keyboard and somehow caused LJ to eat the comment. Sigh...

Here's vaguely what I remember from that. Without all of the links, though. Sorry.

My best guess would be to have him researching either...
A) A new species that he discovered. This talks about how deep sea creatures can now be brought up to the surface for study, so he could be collecting some?
B) The effect new species are having on the established ones. (As I can't imagine Eureka has gone without introducing anything new.) Something like this, maybe?
C) Something to do with water quality at different levels.
D) Something to do with sediment quality on the ocean floor.
E) This looks kinda cool, and I know that even teens in Eureka have no problems creating elaborate tech. IDK if acidity is a problem in lakes, though.
F) He wouldn't be able to go this deep without an ROV or submersible, but perhaps a not-as-deep canyon to explore?

And then basically he gets stuck in a cave while measuring or collecting something. Or he is on the ocean floor and there is a minor rock slide that traps his leg. Or whatever.

I can try to look around more, if you want. I know I had a couple of more/different things in the first comment.

In regards to the show, I really enjoyed it. I watched the first three (I think? Might've only been two) seasons through Netflix DVDs and then watched the rest "live" (on DVR). I liked Allison and Jo best. To the surprise of no one who knows me. :D

Date: 2013-05-12 01:00 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
You are so awesome! wow!

Thank you thank you thank you so much!

This is great - the stuck part, yeah, but I need some *reason* for him to be down there. Even just a Eureka reason.

Allison is also wonderful, of course, and Grace too, but it's those tough girls looking for a home that really, really get to me.

Date: 2013-05-12 01:08 am (UTC)
meredith44: Can't talk, I'm reading (Bones Brennan with skull)
From: [personal profile] meredith44
You're welcome. I'm glad it helped, if even a little. :)

"Eureka reasons" are often the best. :D

I understand the tough girls thing. I liked Alison (and others) just because they were no-nonsense female scientists. As someone who studied science all through college, it was often seen as a "guy thing" (especially in the "harder" sciences like Chemistry (which I loved) versus the "softer" sciences like Biology), so I appreciate when there are characters like that.

Date: 2013-05-12 01:55 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Awww! You have a Temperance Brennen icon! How appropriate! *g*

And you helped HUGELY. ((((Mereditth))))!


On the Eureka front - did you ever do anything in the fandom? Any fic authors you especially liked? I've posted my latest Eureka stories (both Hawaii 5-0 crossovers, no, I don't know why) on both AO3 and, and wonderful as the response has been - I was, kinda, trolling to see if I could find any Eureka fen to chat with, maybe score a beta reader who knew the show.

But - and I'm not complaining! Just still looking - so far the very few comments have been from H50 fen. Not surprising, Eureka is dead (poor show) and H50 is not, soooo *shrug* - and given my obsessive viewing/re-viewing of Eureka eps on netflix I'm pretty confident of my take.... but, still. Nice to have a check. I'm *very* glad to have an H50 friend for just that....

Date: 2013-05-12 02:41 am (UTC)
meredith44: Can't talk, I'm reading (Haven OT3 by far_to_nowhere)
From: [personal profile] meredith44
I have a few. I RPed as her in mafia once. It was fun. :)

I'm glad.

Not really. I poked around a bit, but nothing really struck me, so I didn't look further. For the most part the show was enough for me. Perhaps others were like me and found the show was enough?

I'm sad the show was canceled. I think there was more potential in it, and I didn't think the ratings were that bad. But I'm used to the speculative fiction shows I like (such as Haven, currently) not getting that much attention (both in ratings and in fandom) and being on the borderline for renewal and cancellation. I can't say that I like it, but I'm used to it. I'd offer to help, but A) I don't really remember Eureka details much, as I only watched the show once and that was a decent amount of time ago and B) I'm so not a fiction writer. But good luck in your quest, and yay for giving love to Eureka!

Date: 2013-05-12 02:51 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I understand it is because sci fi costs a little more to make well - and so the margins are thinner, thus the always teetering on the brink of cancellation, for most of the speculative fiction programming, not just Eureka.

I couldn't find much of footprint for it, so, I'm not too surprised that there wasn't ever much of an active presence online.

So - I'll keep on loving it just as i do. :-)

Date: 2013-05-12 03:20 am (UTC)
meredith44: Can't talk, I'm reading (Haven Audrey by realproof)
From: [personal profile] meredith44
That makes sense. I still don't have to like it, though. :P I often wish that people liked the shows I did or I could like the shows that other people do (in this case Supernatural, Teen Wolf, and Once Upon a Time) as it would make my fandom life easier, but oh well.

I really barely saw it anywhere. Anytime I wanted anything about it, I really had to seek it out. At least if I'm remembering correctly.

That sounds like a good idea. :) (Now you've got me wanting to rewatch some. Because I have nothing else to watch. *eyes her full DVRs*)

And, yes, I totally agree on Haven. Each of the people in that threesome likes and has a connection with each of the others. It's a perfect OT3 if ever there were one. :)

Date: 2013-05-12 02:52 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Just noticed your Haven icon btw - man if *ever* there was an OT3, that is the one. Not just because they both like Audrey - but they both *like eachother* so damn much!

Great icon!


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