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1. H50 - so, so very glad Catherine was not 'fridged. Whew. Otherwise, so, so bored now with H50. Sad face. I miss the boo ya.

2. Finally broke down and got a tumblr so that I can follow OUAT fandom there. Hmmm. Still not sure how I feel about that. Fun stuff. Lots of cute/fun images and gifs. But, it's been a while since I followed anything with a current fandom... and I'd forgotten the intensity. I mean. I hadn't forgotten, forgotten. Of course. But I had.

3. Still totally filled with the Jo/Zane OTP. Stories are still tumbling from my brain and I. Can't. Stop.

4. I fell back into Revolution over the winter, but now I've decided that I think they all suck and I don't care how soon they kill each other off. I think the series should end with a post-apocalyptic red wedding, Texas style. Circular firing squad style. Everyone enters. No one leaves.

5. I am a pathetic canon shipper. If the actor is selling me on their role - and the ones I get all fannish about are - they, well, they sell me. I buy it. If they're not selling me, well, I'm not watching cause I didn't care or got bored.

6. A good villain really helps. Zelena is a pretty good villain. Even if her super power is envy. Which is, kinda sad. But she just has so many feels about it all. So I feel for her. For comparison, I enjoyed the first season and a half of Arrow - but Slade is a terrible bad guy - even though he's basically Zelena in dude form at this point. I just don't care about his stupid man pain or his ridiculous Dr. Evil 'revenge' and I know the good guys will win. So I'll check back in eventually and hope the show is onto some new story arc.

7. The teen and I are watching Buffy together. We've just started season two. BUFFY FOREVER!

ETA: I have not yet commented on a single OUAT tumblr entry. Congratulate me for my strength!
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