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As some of you know, my latest fandom obsession is Eureka - a syfy production about a secret government scientific think tank and all the wacky scientists that live and work there, and the every man sheriff who saves them from themselves time and time again. In this show, there is a couple. Zane Donovan and Jo Lupo. Jo is my new Nikita. Everything about her hits one of my fan girl buttons. Hard. Zane thinks Jo is awesome. In both time lines. So, she and Zane are my latest OTP 4 eva.

I read a new fic last weekend, new fic production is slowing but hasn't stopped for the fandom, and it really got to me. Got to me so hard, I actually wrote a short fic set in that story universe - which is an AU twist on the canon time travel/reboot. My OTP was left a bit, well, hanging. In my view. I *needed* to fix it. (see OTP 4 eva) I wrote a fic to do it. I contacted the author, recieved her perssion to post, and viola. With Jaybee's beta, it is up on AO3 now. The original author left an encouraging comment (yay!) which has made me feel quite good about the whole excercise.

Here is the link to the fic:

Love Writ on Her Arms

Date: 2013-10-08 05:26 am (UTC)
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The thing about fan life is that you pretty much have to go where it takes you. I'm still trying to wrap my head around how this particular part of the universe works (I was just beginning to feel like I got the time travel thing, and now there's more...) but kudos to you for continuing to explore.


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