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And suddenly understanding - just a tiny bit - what the TRs must have felt during all of LFN. In the, what it feels like to root for not the main couple sense. Not that I'm opposed to the main H50 couple (fannishly speaking - I'm honestly not sure who the show runners think the 'main couple' is? Doris and Mick? They appear to be the only two to actually acknowledge that they are in a relationship, and one that is, relatively speaking, honest and straightforward) -- I just really like Adam and Kono (and such lovely tears. They both got to cry. Grace Park is so pretty when she cries. I just want to hug her. Awesome..!)

Because seriously? I totally wish next season of H50 would feature several episodes of Adam and Kono on the run with Doris McGarrett. SERIOUSLY! I'm so jealous! Can you be jealous of fictional characters? And, yes, I know, sad, death, destruction, fratricide in defense of your one true love (sheds small tear for Michael Noshimuri's beautiful shoulders and even more beautiful artwork that we will never see again) all had to come first.... but honestly. On the run with Doris McGarrett? How wild and crazy fun will that be?

(Is Steve ragingly jealous? Yes? No? Of course? Will Adam and Kono come home full of wild adventures with Doris stories? Do I, maybe, perhaps, possibly, need to write such a story? Does the sun rise in the east? Will there be more angst? All of the above? Tune in next fall to find out? Will we ever get to the bottom of the Wo Fat mystery? LOLOL)


Hmm. It occurs to me I may finally need some icons beyond LFN..... :-)

ETA: Oh man. Already, the bunnies are forming. I think there should be pirates. And adorable urchins. And possibly smuggling.
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