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One of the upsides of closed canon universes is the limitless possibilities for what our beloved characters might do next, good and ill. Happy and sad. Beautiful and tragic.

Many, many years ago, in the first heady explosion of HEA post-series LFN fanfic, some of us with a snarkier bent complained that there was an overabundence of Michael and Nikita have twins and ponies and sparkly rainbows sorts of fic, in worlds that weren't obviously supposed to be even a little AU.

Now, it's true that I'm not in a position to cast too many stones, having produced my own HEA fic, but still. Some of those first HEA, kitchen-curtian stories were a teensy bit, well, twee. Especialy given the source material. So I foolishly declared to my fellow snarkers that I could write a 'true to the source' future fic where Michael and Nikita had children and struggled to deal with parenthood in the same universe that produced Section One, and made them who they were.

Eventually - I finished the promised story. It has had lots of inputs, and still has kitchen-curtain bits, but that was probably inevitable given the challenge I originally set myself.

After nurturing it and setting it aside and picking it up again after years of languishing and then letting it mature and reading it again, I am at last letting it go into a world that has almost no readers left for this sort of story! But - in general, witness the Eureka/Hawaii 5-O story I just completed, the idea of clearing my brain of old stories has been successful. And this one is more than ready to fly on its own.

If anyone should be interested after all these years, here it is.

As always, special thanks to my excellent and wonderful beta readers sk and Jaybee. I would never have finished without you. And whatever errors and infelicities remain, they are my own.

Title: Footprints in the Dust
Fandom: LFN
Characters: Michael Samuelle, Nikita Wirth, Kate Quinn, Mick Schotpel, Adam Samuelle, OCs
Relationships: Het, Multi
Words: ~54,000

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
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